Kenyan Girls – Afya


Blue a Kenyan Girl
HI! Iam Afya but my friend say Blue, Blue is my nickname. I love blue clothes and other stuff so the other Kenyan Girls start to call me Blue so now I am Blue.

I love animals and I help Animals on my free time. So when I find I was thinking maybe I can find a good man that is crazy in Animals like me.

I hope I can find a man that are single and is missing someone to hug like me a sweet Kenyan Girl is what I hope you think I am 55555.

So what more you get a crazy animal loving Kenyan Girl that like to travel I love books and I love sports. I don’t smoke but some time I drink but I don’t like the day after 55555 so don’t worry about that part I not party much.

I like to be in the nature so that man I looking for most love the nature and like to go out in the forest and stuff like that.

So now I open my heart for you and I hope I will be a lucky Kenyan Girl soon. I hope you will make me happy and love me much so if you want to send me mails do that. Big Hug Blue

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