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Hi! I am. Sasha a Russian Girl i love to Live abroad I don’t have family and nothing that keep me in Russia and Moscow and its why i like to find a foreign husband.

I work in a Gold and Damion shop and I read much and try to learn all about Gemmology and put the right price on the stones we sell and buy. I hope he have a big smile that can make me feel happy.

I am looking for a European guy or an American Guy, I dream to move to America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and move to look for Gems and Gold.

I look in internet and YouTube and dream about my life looking for Gems with the man I love. I am looking for the man with dreams and that love nature and hard work.

I maybe dream but I don’t care about big cars and all that I dream to look for gold and gems and all that. So, will you help me? I give you my heart and love and you will be my rock and keep me safe. Hug Sasha

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