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HI! I am a Japanese Girl that live in Osaka in a smaller city near Osaka, but I say Osaka it will be easier for you. I am 23 years old I have some dreams to find a boyfriend.

I am a bit scared for all this what you will think of me is a big step, but I pray that all will be good.

I look for a good man may be a bit older is okay I don’t think so much about age so don’t think about it if you try to contact me.

I am looking for a man that like History, Good food, maybe you like Japanese Whisky I know it starts to grow and my brother is crazy in Whisky.

So you will have fun here in Japan if you love Whisky. I love to meet you that love to meet people and get new friends and have an open mind for culture. I know we need to be strong so let us start I will wait for you. Hug Kana

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